Yaesu FT-710: review in progress

I bought my first fixed HF radio transceiver Yaesu FT-710 on December 2022. This is my work-in-progress review of FT-710, often compared with my mobile transceiver FT-891.

Last update: 29-DEC-2022



Accessible, at least for me.


No additional ringing observed for CW APF.

Assignable FUNC knob

The FUNC knob can be quite useful for CW keyer speed change and RF POWER controls.

FH-2 keypad to control the CW memory

Convenient. Sufficient for Search and Pounce operation on CW contests.

Filter function passband display

Intuitive and easy to find out the actual signals especially for CW and data modes.

Internal antenna tuner

The tuner has much wider range of matching than I first thought. The tuner worked very well with my Diamond Antenna 2.2m-length whip antennas with five 5m-length counterpoise wires for 40/30/20/15/10/6-meter bands.

An external antenna tuner is strongly recommended, though, especially for low bands. The internal tuner refused working on a 40m frequency far from the resonant point.

Noise blanker

The noise blanker works perfectly for the power line noise in the dry air.

Rob Sherwood's evaluation

See Receiver Test Data of Sherwood Engineering Inc. for the further details.

SDR-based implementation

High sensitivity and quiet RX, very good at digging into weak signals of FT8.

The spectrum scope works well also for TX signals.

TFT display

Bright and crisp.

Thermal stability

Much cooler than FT-891, and smaller frequency drift than FT-891 for WSPR.

USB for CAT and audio

A single cable is sufficient to connect FT-710 to a Ubuntu PC.


ZIN is useful when you need to instantly zeroing in to another station on CW.

(I don't really need the SPOT function, though.)

(Thanks to Michael, G7VJR, for the suggestion of trying the ZIN key.)


Access to APF menu

APF should be at a higher priority than CONTOUR menu, at least for CW.


I don't understand how this Automatic Mic Gain Control (AMC) works on Data modes. I just set the AMC LEVEL to 100% and leave it as is, but this is confusing.

Audio amplifier for the headphones

Observable white noise hiss sound exists above 3kHz. An external passive audio LPF is needed to reduce the hiss. (Note: this is not only for FT-710 but quite common among almost all the transceivers being sold since the 2000s or much older.)

Electronic Keyer for CW

I set the KEYER TYPE to ACS. I guess more smooth keying can be achievable.


The dial locking does not completely lock the transceiver anyway. You can do most of the things by touching the TFT display.

MODE key used for screen shots

No actual harm, but I don't want to fill in the SD card for my accidental operation.

Monitor level

MONI LEVEL should be able to set relative to the main AF GAIN. The current implementation of setting an independent level is not intuitive. When the AF GAIN is set to zero and suddenly a loud CW side tone is coming out from the speaker, that surprises me and my family. I have to plug in something to the EXT SPKR output jack to prevent this.

Monitor output

TX Monitor output does not come out from USB or REAR audio. This should be selective. I need to add another USB audio interface to pick out this sound from the EXT SPKR output.

SSB/CW Dial Step initial value

This should be 10Hz instead of 20Hz.


The VFO Mode Indicator should also show the tranmission status, as the BUSY/TX Indicator does.


Unused functions and options

I don't use the following functions and options so far. These functions and options should not be sold or implemented as the mandatory parts of the transceiver.

3DSS spectrum display

This is utterly useless for me. I'm always using the Waterfall display.


This is unusable when you mainly listen to the signal by headphones or earphones. I completely disabled this by setting AESS volume to 0%.

I actually tested AESS later with SP-40. It did sound good, but it was nothing more than using two speakers simultaneously. If you have a luxury space of putting SP-40 besides FT-710, using AESS might be a good option.


These AF tone functions are utterly unusable, so long as the AF output audio amplifier generates hiss sound. A better headphone amplifier should have been implemented.

CW AUTO MODE (Radio Setting Mode SSB)

Unnecessary for me. Duly disabled.


Unnecessary for me. Duly turned off.

External speaker SP-40

I don't need the external speaker. I want a smaller box. While this speaker gives a fairly good sound, I don't think this speaker is worth a mandatory option. (See AESS section of this article too.)

PRESET in the Mode screen

I think this function does not belong to the Mode window. It's unnecessary and confusing. This function should have been given another window, and should be able to disable completely.


I don't need this key and function. This key should be assignable to another function.